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Our Weekly Dorm Package; Reserve 7 nights in a dorm room and the last night is only $1.00!


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It's almost hard to believe, but it looks like we'll be opening our doors (right now they're someone else's doors) on the 2nd of June, 2008.  We're all looking forward to providing the best service we possibly can and meeting many great and interesting people from around the world.  We'd love to hear from you, either by sharing your experience of staying at the hostel or maybe sharing some tips on things to do and see in Philadelphia.  Please feel free to post comments here!

- Marc

Posted by Marc Desmarais on 2008-05-26 14:10:16

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Comment by shayanti mukherjee on 2008-06-15 22:33:24
Coming to a different country is often worry-some but when theres a place like the apple hostel I think theres just no need to be worried. Its just a home away from home.The staff out here is very cheerful, caring and helpful, specially kyle. He works all night to take care of guest from midnight to morning and has been very kind to me. Thanks kyle!